How to store roasted coffee

Roasted coffee reaches its prime about three days after roasting and then starts to lose aroma and flavour. Properly stored, roasted coffee is best enjoyed within the first two weeks after roasting. The key here though, is that it must be properly stored. What causes the loss of aroma and flavour? Aroma and flavour is […]

Delivery standards

Blendnew is all about getting you freshly roasted coffee. One important part of the process involves choosing the right time to roast so your coffee reaches you as soon as possible after roasting. Choosing the right day to roast means that your coffee spends minimum time in transit and reaches you as soon as possible […]

Coffee with milk

After we published our Guide to Buying Coffee, we received feedback that coffee drinkers who like to add milk to coffee felt left out. This article is for you. Why we left this out So, why did we leave this out? One reason was that it was complicated. The type of milk you add (skim […]

Which coffee? A coffee buying guide

At the time of writing, we hold about twenty different types of freshly roasted coffees. Here’s a quick guide to finding one that suits your needs, The everyday coffee The everyday coffee is the staple coffee that you drink, well, every day. It may not be especially bright or have a distinct flavour. What it […]

Making coffee without machines

Making good coffee doesn’t require fancy coffee machines that costs hundreds or thousands of dollars. Unless you are making espressos, the French press and pour over methods can make coffee that is just as good as any coffee machine. In addition, these are manual and you can have much greater control over the process. The French […]

Grind size guide

Not sure what grind size to use for your coffee? Our grind size guide provides a quick introduction to choosing the best grind size to enhance the taste of your coffee. Why different grind sizes? Coffee is brewed by chemical reactions between the ground coffee and the water. Water gets in contact with coffee grounds […]

Cold brew coffee

With the weather in Singapore exceeding 30 degrees every day, many of us want a nice cool drink in the middle of the day to cool us down. For coffee lovers, this is usually in the form of an iced coffee or an ice blended drink. Today, we introduce a new way to prepare coffee […]

[WSJ] Pour over coffee

Pour over coffee is getting more and more popular. It is even getting attention from Wall Street Journal. The original article can be found here and is reproduced below. AS YOU READ THIS, baristas across the U.S.A. are hunched over “pour-over bars,” fastidiously drizzling water into ordinary coffee filter cones—and selling the results for $4 […]

Coffee roasts

Anyone who has bough coffee beans has come across terms like dark roast, italian roast or many other different roast names. But what does it mean exactly? This blog post aims to give a quick introduction to what these roast terms mean. What exactly happens during roasting? Just like cooking, roasting uses heat to change […]

How to grind coffee at home

Why grind it myself? Coffee starts losing its aroma the moment it comes out of the roaster. We try our best to keep the flavour locked in. We deliver it quickly to customers, we deliver it in sealed bags and we store it at home carefully in airtight containers. We do all this because the […]