Delivery standards

Blendnew is all about getting you freshly roasted coffee. One important part of the process involves choosing the right time to roast so your coffee reaches you as soon as possible after roasting. Choosing the right day to roast means that your coffee spends minimum time in transit and reaches you as soon as possible after roasting.


Blendnew uses overnight shipping, which promises to reach you the day after we post it. However, this doesn’t always happen, so we try to avoid posting near weekends and public holidays, so even if the shipment is delayed, it does not get stuck sitting in the post office for many days on end.
Please read our shipping terms and conditions here.


Freshly roasted coffee cannot be packed immediately. It needs to breathe for a few days in order for the full flavour to develop. This means that your order will usually be roasted one or two days before posting.

What this means for your order

The soonest you get your order is 3-4 days after your order. If you order near a weekend, e.g. on Wednesday, we may only roast on Friday, so it is ready for shipping on Monday. This maximises the freshness of the coffee we can send to you. It is slow food, but we do this to ensure the best quality for you.