Which coffee? A coffee buying guide

At the time of writing, we hold about twenty different types of freshly roasted coffees. Here’s a quick guide to finding one that suits your needs,

The everyday coffee

everyday coffeeThe everyday coffee is the staple coffee that you drink, well, every day. It may not be especially bright or have a distinct flavour. What it needs to be is a good coffee and something that you will not get bored with easily.

Brazil Santos and Colombia Supremo are our top picks for everyday coffees. Both are very agreeable coffees, medium to full bodied and not too acidic. These are our most popular coffees.

We think the Ethiopia Washed Limu beans are also suitable as an everyday coffee. Being very well balanced it is suitable for any time of the day and its sweetness and spicy notes will keep you piqued for a long time.

For stronger body

TheĀ Colombia Supremo is a good choice for a coffee drinker looking for a strong bodied coffee. It is very agreeable. which is in direct contrast with theĀ Sumatra Mandheling, our other recommended strong bodied coffee, which is known more for its character. Not everyone likes the Sumatra Mandheling but those who do tend to love it because its unique set of flavours cannot be found anywhere else.

For sharper taste

Bright and fruity the Burundi Kirimiro Teka is the go-to coffee for someone who wants her coffee bright and sharp.

For something with a bit more body, the Congo Kivu Bukavu-Beni beans bring both body and intensity. However, it may not be as sharp as the Burundi.

The Ethiopia Sidamo also brings with it a sharp taste. We hesitate to recommend this purely for its sharpness because the Ethiopia Sidamo more than just about being bright. It has a great complexity, mixing winy and chocolaty flavours with citrus notes. A personal favourite.

For character

character coffeeSmoky, earthy, hints of tobacco. The Sumatra Mandheling is unique and it is very strongly unique. Most drinkers either love it or hate it.

For light, subtle flavours

Costa Rica West Valley beans are light bodied and brings with it fruity and spicy notes.

The Jamaica Blue Mountain coffees are famous for their quality. The biggest draw is that they are not bitter, which allows the natural creaminess and floral flavours to flow through. We hear very often that this is the only coffee that non-coffee drinkers are willing to drink because this coffee allows them to savour the best of coffee while avoiding the bitterness that coffee often brings.

For the environmentally conscious

Shade grown coffeeThe Guatemala Antigua and El Salvador Shangrilla are shade grown.

This means that instead of clearing land for coffee plantations, the coffee bushes are grown in the forests. Coffee grown in this way helps avoid deforestation. Not only do the plantation owners keep the forests intact, loggers find it more difficult to deforest areas which are already economically productive.