About Us

What do we do?

Blendnew brings coffee to the homes and offices of consumers. We bring you freshly roasted coffee beans and anything to make home coffee making easy. Our goal is to let you enjoy the best coffee at home, any time you want.

For cafe owners and operators, we carry a full range of cafe equipment, from espresso machines and grinders, to equipment to add a bit of flair to your cafe, such as syphons, french presses and cold drips. We also do sourcing to find you that extra something to make your cafe stand out from the rest.

Why was Blendnew started?

Blendnew was started for the love of coffee. The founders started by looking for freshly roasted coffee in Singapore. There wasn’t any, if there was, we could not find it. So we went to look for roasters, where we were given freshly roasted coffee to try for the first time.

We never went back to off-the shelf coffee again.

We let our friends try freshly roasted coffee; they let their friends try freshly roasted coffee. People loved it. That’s why we decided to start Blendnew. To bring the best coffee to people so they can enjoy it at home, in school, at work and anywhere else they can think of.

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